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Ialysos is the Second Biggest Village in Rodos Island, with easy access to every other interesting place on the Island.

Filerimos - Ialysos

Filerimos, is situated near the village of Trianta, which stands on the same site as the Doric city of Ialysos, in ancient times. When the Dorians arrived around 1100 BC Ialysos became member of the alliance known as the Dorian Hextapolis. Archaeologists came across the necropolis of ancient Ialysos between Trianta and Filerimos.


  • From The Airport
  • As you leave the Airport turn to your left and follow the road to Kremasti and after Ialysos
  • After you pass Kremasti and reach Ialysos you will find traffic lights.
  • Turn right and keep on straight.
  • Santa Helena will be on you left-hand side, after almost 2km.